There are nine  error message that the SmarTouch  controller may generate. Here is a list of these messages and what they indicate.


Temperature in the spa heater housing is below 40 degrees F ( 4 degrees C). Because spa temperature should never get this low, the status of the heater element is unknown. Therefore the low speed pump or circulation pump will run continuously until temperature rises above 45 degrees F ( 7 degrees C) . A spa should not be filled with water below 40 degrees F. Please note that a running pump can heat the spa at approximately 1/2 degree F/C per hour.


Over Heat. The spa is at a temperature that is above 108 degrees F. SmarTouch will not accept temperature setting above 104 degrees F. If for some reason spa temperature rises over the maximum level, SmarTouch will display a flashing 105 degrees F to 108 degrees F. If temperature goes past 108 then the OH message will be displayed instead of temperature. The spa is still operational but hotter than any person should be subjected to. Please do not use your spa when the temperature is flashing or the OH message is displayed.

In the summer and especially in warm regions, ambient temperature may be high enough to overheat the spa naturally. Spas are usually well insulated and can store a lot of heat in the equipment compartment.


Hi Limit Over Heat. SmarTouch has a backup water temperature sensor called the Hi Limit. If the sensor is disconnected or shorted or if the spa temperature should reach above 112 degrees F the Hi Limit protection circuitry will force all spa functions off and will flash the HLEr message on the display. It is not possible to use the spa when this error is in effect. Even after temperature goes down to an acceptable level or the sensor is repaired / replaced. When the error has been corrected, you must press the SET key to acknowledge that you, the spa user, are aware of the error condition and should have the proper repairs done.


Sensor Open or disconnected and SmarTouch cannot determine the spa temperature. The heater is disabled but the spa is operational. The sensor must be replaced or reconnected to clear this message.


Sensor Short. The sensor is shorted and is non functional. Temperature cannot be determined, the heater is disabled, but the spa is still operational. Sensor must be replaced to clear this message.


Pressure Switch Open with Circulating, Low or High pump(s). The pressure switch is a device sensitive to pressure inside the heater manifold. Pressure in the heater manifold is generated by a pump pushing water through the manifold. If one a pump is running and the pressure switch does not sense any pressure then there is an indication of no water flow. To prevent the heater from being turned on when there is no water running through, the heater is turned off and one of these message will be displayed indicating which pump is supposed to be running.

A pressure switch error may also be indicated if the switch is out of adjustment or there is an air lock in the heater manifold. Adjusting the pressure switch is best left to a trained technician. An air lock may happen whenever the spa is drained and refilled with water, or if the water level in the spa is so low as to permit air to be sucked in by the pump. To bleed an air lock loosen the top fittings a quarter of a turn at the  pump discharge side . You will hear the sound of escaping air, then water will start dripping. Re-tighten the fitting.


Time Out Error. It is not likely that you will ever see this error. It indicates that the system’s heartbeat is out of control, all devices will be shut down and the spa is unusable. This message will rarely ever occur, if it does, please contact Applied Computer Controls.