WiFi WF-100

The WF-100 WiFi module allows for integration with our control systems. The WF-100 gives you the connectivity to access and control, your spa control system. Allows access with any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Our module becomes the middle man between your computer/phone and our control system.

How it works

Your Computer/Tablet/Phone connects via the internet to your home router then communicates to the spa with your home WiFi signal.


INSTALLATION PDF ( Download/View )

It is very important to insure you have strong WiFi signal available from your  wireless router.

Test your WiFi router’s signal strength with your mobile phone or tablet while standing right next to the spa and  next to the WiFi module installation location. This device does NOT support the 5 Ghz spectrum due to range limitations that exist within that spectrum. The 2.4Ghz spectrum is more reliable over greater distances. Do not install the WiFi module behind the spa since water is a barrier and blocks the WiFi signal.

You can order an extension cable to relocate the WiFi module to the front facing the house / router.

Switch OFF power to the spa.

Disconnect spaside control panel / keypad.

Open WIFI box and reconnect keypad to the WIFI board.

Connect WIFI board to the spa controller then turn power back ON

Select  “Settings “ on your smart phone. Choose Wireless Networks / WIFI

Must follow all the steps below in the sequence they are listed in, otherwise the installation  will not take effect

1. Scan Available networks

2. Select / touch  AGI_BOARD XXX

3. Your phone should connect to the WiFi AGI Board.

4. GO to your phone Browser ( see note below) and enter

5. Touch  “Display Scan Results”

6. Select your home network ( Router)

7. Security code. Select WPA2

8. Enter the router PASSWORD

9. Enter your e-mail

10. Re-enter your e-mail

11. Touch  “ACCEPT”

12. Touch “Join”

Page should exit or Time out.  

-A blank screen is displayed indicating the WiFi connection is lost. This is expected and it is not a failure or failed connection. Proceed to next step and check your email.

Check your e-mail on your phone. Depending on the phone service this may take 1-2 minutes . You can also check for the same email on your home computer

13. Enter a USER name (6 characters, NO spaces)

14. Click “Register”

15. Book mark this page and add it to your phone home page

**You can forward the link or the registration email up to nine more spa users.

Use different spa name every time.

1. The email from the registration process will contain a link similar to this:


2. Open this link from any computer, tablet, smartphone etc. to access your spa controls.

3. Save this link! Save the email containing it! This is the link to share with your privileged few.

4. You can create a shortcut on the computer desktop or web browser or your mobile device home screen by following the appropriate steps for your device.

• IOS – Open the link using Safari, then scroll down to the bottom and click the Share icon and select Add to Home Screen.

5. You will see a link on your device screen like the one shown in this IOS home screen example:

For Android, Windows or other mobile platforms, refer to your device documentation for creating home screen

There are several reasons that you may need to reset the unit and apply new settings.

The following conditions will require you to reset and reconfigure your spa WiFi unit

  • WiFi router has been replaced or factory reset
  • Router Wifi access password has been changed
  • Re-starting installation procedure.

Leave the system powered on for this procedure. There is no shock hazard exposure

during this procedure. You will be exposing the wifi circuit board, so make sure it does not get wet !

1. Open the WF-100 wifi enclosure by removing the 4 corner screws at the back of the enclosure

2 Carefully remove the front cover and locate the 2 reset buttons SW1 and SW2

3. Press and hold the reset button marked SW2 for 5 seconds or until all three LEDS light up momentarily. Release the button and wait for the reset to complete.

4. Now press the second button SW1 and immediately release.

5. Go to your phone Wifi settings “ Scan Available Networks” , select the AGI board and perform the remaining setup process.

If you need any technical assistance, call us at 800-679-7727